Apostles of Peace

A Marian Community

We are a new Marian Community of men and women in formation under the guidance of the Archdiocese of Boston. Our community is both contemplative and active.

Our spirituality is a communion/baptismal spirituality focused on the Charism of Eucharistic Adoration and Peace.

Description: http://apostlesofpeace-org.radiuswebtools.com/media/1/FM%20Blessomg%20with%20Monstrance%20Div%20Mercy%20resized.jpg Our efforts are to ignite a new fervor, a new enthusiasm, and a heightened awareness of the Holy Eucharist. As Apostles of Peace we seek to set ablaze the flame of faith and love on the floor of this millennium, by calling families and individuals to a deepened awareness of their gift of faith, by fostering a                                                                                                                 ( Our Newest Blue!)                                                                                                                                    Eucharistic amazement!

Our mission is to bring forth the food received from holy adoration and contemplation, the Bread of Peace, the Bread of Love, by reconciliation and communion to the table of humanity, the hungry, to eat. 

*To learn more about the need to fast, please click on the link to the right. You will also find the best fasting bread with natural ingredients and with protein that will help you make it through your fast!





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